The Worst Weather in Newark History, 
with no plan we packed up and headed west.

Badlands; Mt. Rushmore; Devils Tower; Cody Stampede; Yellowstone; Glacier; Lemhi Pass; Dead Horse Point; Moab; Mesa Verde; 
Day One
 June 24
Camped at Bluffs, IL; ate at Train Depot made into restaurant; groceries at IGA  
Wed-June 25 Drove through St. Louis past the arch. Needed some spending cash so, camped at Council Bluffs at Bluffs Run Casino.  ML won $400., JW -$20.  
Thru-June 26 Drove one of JW's classic "scenic routes" past corrals with my 'future steaks' waiting to be sent on.  Real bib overall territory.  
Fri- June 27 Arrived at Badlands NP, SD.  Lazy day lodge_badlands_img.gif (123685 bytes)
Sat -6-28 Hiked in the Badlands, visited  Husteads Wall Drug Store in Wall, SD jw_cactus_badlands_img.gif (159885 bytes)badlands_img.gif (122434 bytes)
Sun- 6-29 Toured Custer State Park, buffalo, prairie dogs, Wind Cave NP, and Mt. Rushmore. Highlight of the day, a bus in #5 tunnel prairie_dogs_img.gif (145913 bytes)wind_cave_np_img.gif (129115 bytes)rushmore_img.gif (96514 bytes)
Mon-6-30 Off to Rapid City post office to get Mary's lenses, details at 11.On to Devil's Tower. Spectacular sky and storm over the tower. tower_img.gif (282243 bytes)
Tues-7-01 Walked trail at base of  Devil's Tower. Met neighbor,  who climbed to the  top with renowned climber, Peter ? , great story!  Went to local rodeo, sat on the rail.  jw_tower_img.gif (323151 bytes)buff_rodeo_img.gif (132019 bytes)
Wed -7-02 Drove over the Big Horn Mountains, and through Wyoming High Country, Amazing! Camping in Cody, WY thru the 4th.  
Thur -7-03 Did Stampede parade, Arts and Crafts for sale, and then listened to Country music in City Park.  Did Rodeo in Evening, busy day.  
Fri -7-04 Missed the Parade, Went to Cody Museum but not for 30 bucks, found compass for Satellite, then Fireworks, ya-hoo.  
Sat 7-05 On to Yellowstone, Bridge Bay campground and walked path to Natural Bridge  
Sun-7-06 Started the day with 500ft straight down climb to the lower falls, comparable only to the Crater Lake hike. Did lower loop, lots to see, found Old Faithful,  Mud pots , and "growling buffalo" of course. Not allowed to approach the buffalo, but the buffalo can approach you,  this one growled at Mary Lou as it chased us down the hill. Now that will get the old heart going! lower_falls.gif (325562 bytes)oldfaithful.gif (169680 bytes)bison.gif (174685 bytes)
Mon 7-7 Yep, did the upper loop, Mammoth Gardens, and hiked to the top of Washburn Mt. for the big view. Mary Lou drove the mountain roads, always interesting. mamoth.gif (185681 bytes)jw_mt.gif (140848 bytes)
Tue 7-8 Visited West Yellowstone, MT. Did shopping and internet ...headed towards Glacier NP.  Camped in Helena, MT  
Wed 7-9 Scenic road from Helena to West Glacier.   
Thurs 7-10 Lazy day. JW biked, MLS slept and read.  
Fri 7-11 Started "Road to the Sun" drive, but MLS can't cope with height , and JW couldn't cope with all the people.  Had our picnic on the lake bank. JW did a little swimming, MLS did a little wading. glacier.gif (131234 bytes)jwswim.gif (134245 bytes)
Sat 7-12 Trapped in Browning, US 89, By Blackfeet Indians, held for 1 hour, Finally made it to Dillon, MT. indianparade.gif (132798 bytes)
Sun 7-13 Off to Lemhi Pass, but out of gas, Flat tire, 40 miles to gas station, but Christine brung us home. Then again to the pass, sign says should have spare tire, from Lemhi pass Lewis expected to see a river flowing to the Pacific, but this was his view, less the road. Met Gov. Agent, BLM, who explained that there really is an Idaho, camped Idaho Falls lewisview.gif (137379 bytes) blm-lemhi.gif (167320 bytes)
Mon 7-14 Salt Lake City brigum.gif (222493 bytes)
Tue 7-15 Pool day, did the local Wal-Mart to get  new spare tire.  
Wed 7- 16 Took RV to get tires rotated, washed it, ran over the bucket,  made appointment to replace brakes, went to Gateway shopping and Movie. Met Jim and Jane Hebert, Louisiana.   
Thur 7-17 Dropped off RV to D Early, went to hear Tabernacle organ recital and saw Temple. TabOrgan.gif (139713 bytes)
Fri 7-18 Drove from Salt Lake to Dead Horse Point State Park, in the middle of the Utah desert, someone  forgot to fill water, no showers, camp has only electric which works 75% if the time, over 100 degrees. goat.gif (157944 bytes) Momma teaching kid
 to climb, amazing..
Sat 7-19 Visited Dead Horse Point, did Schaefer Jeep trail (two hours) down into canyon, ML endured the switchbacks and shear drop-offs,  carrier broke, bikes fell off, again! No ACE Hardware  so crammed bikes in the back.  Lunch on the canyon floor only 105 or more. switchbks.gif (160182 bytes) jwlunchimg.gif (232639 bytes)
Sun 7-20 Off to Moab for showers, a day of R and R. Temp= 104, bring it on!  
Mon 7-21 Laundry and the pool, now what would make the outdoor thermometer read 125?  
Tue 7-22 Off to Mesa Verde, and the world of the Anasazi, ML pulled muscle in her back, can't sit, can't lay down. mesaverda.gif (168297 bytes)
Wed 7-23  Moved only a little way to down the road to Durango. Did Wal-Mart for new bike rack.  
Thurs 7-24 Durango to Wallensburg , over Wolf Creek Pass, still working on the tunnel, to camp at Lathrop, Colorado St. park, costatepk.gif (119053 bytes)jwbike.gif (122884 bytes)
Fri 7-25 Moved on to Colorado Springs, found Garden of the Gods, quaint shops and a big race at the Pikes Peak Raceway.
Sat 7-26 Then it's another long homeward bound trip along old I-70