Baby Pictures of the day

No, really!, tell me again what goes under the tree. Ya see, you
 need to push all these first!
Oh Boy, I've heard that before, and it's still funny
Christmas already? Yep, Evan knows so he gathers the family around the Christmas tree! @ 6 months This is my place away form home, shush,  nobody knows I'm here. Let me drive, Look Mommy one hand!
I went to Tampa, an airplane, a pool, a beach, the ocean and this hat! Wow! Now I am 9mo old, and I'm getting up in the world,  now to get mommy to stop slicking down my hair. Now I am 10mo old and now look at me swim, are ya looking? I am in the Arizona sun.
Look Nana, it's a my first Christmas Tree. Wow, it's all for my Grandpa!
Just hanging out, waiting for Dinner. I am 2
Wow!  Now I am THREE What is this stuff? ? Did you see that?, again, again Big snows,  early 2010 Time flies when your having fun, now I'm 4, cooking for myself! On the 4th of July
Now I am 5! and Christmas is coming! It never ends, now I'm Six and have to get ready for school, Avengers is my bestest movie Now I'm in the first grade and we play Ipad with my bestest girl friend.
Now my school is Fouse Elementary and I'm 6 1/2 and having fun playing Soccer Now I'm 7, Happy in the Second Grade, and look at all the Pumpkins I grew. Soon to be 8, & ready to roll!, Have ya heard of MindCraft.
3rd grade! eight is Great!

Millersport Corn!

I presented New Mexico @ 8yrs and 11mos. to my Third grade Class. How about my tie? Now I am just too cool for school.

 Now its off to the 4th grade.