,Retired  to Colorado

MLS retired 8/1/02 and planned this trip to Colorado         (RETURN)

8/17- The day started late since MLS had to pay bills, but the effort got us to KickaPoo SP, IL, just past Danville. Rode bikes and adjusted MLS's bike, built in China, assembled at Wal-Mart    
8/18 On to Council Bluffs IA, stayed in parking lot at Casino, MLS won then Lost    08190001.jpg (229866 bytes)
8/19 Did the Western Trails Museum, and rode bikes 7 mi to south side of lake Manawana.      
8/20 On to North Sterling SP,CO, 5 RV's and empty reservoir, Coyote cries in the night.    
8/21 - On to Estes Park & Rocky Mountain National Park. First night at Glacier Campground, tried to hike to Bearstandt Lake, very steep, got too dark.   Img25.jpg (47813 bytes) 
8/22 Drove to Bear Lake, hiked to Alberta Falls, moved to Moraine Campground , and Linda gave us the campsite, great view, herds of Elk in the field below the mountain vistas.(Site # 234) Went to town and got some hiking boots, ate at MollyB's, met creative writer with stories of "when deer turn into Elk"..   albertafalls.JPG (44857 bytes)site234.JPG (39069 bytes)
8/23  Drove to Alpine Visitor Center via one-way dirt road (Trail Ridge Road) that hung on the cliff. Hiked to 12,005 ft, two stops to get to top, overlooked the head waters of the Colorado. Signed-up for another day here.   trailridge.JPG (33700 bytes)
8/24 Tried out new boots on Cub Lake trail, 5.6 miles and a 540 ft. climb. .Just follow the trail - no blisters. Bandit sparrow stole rice from my dinner plate- then spit it at me, so went to ranger slide show about "Rocky Nat. Park.    Img13.jpg (95303 bytes)Img14.jpg (77913 bytes)Img15.jpg (98564 bytes)Img16.jpg (76019 bytes)
8/25 Elk in the campsite. Towed Xtine over the continental divide, ate lunch at Grandy Lake, then on to ride Georgetown Loop Railroad. Camped at Dillon, CO   engine14.JPG (37546 bytes)08250005.jpg (247784 bytes)
8/26 Rest Day, Worked on bike, Birds heard about my Rice and Beef- so they came to lunch, Did laundry , rode bikes a little and went to a bad movie!. Made plans for Utah   RiceBird.JPG (42864 bytes)
8/27 Went Internet Cafe in Frisco CO, no Coffee ?, passed on the $5 bagels, Lunch in Glenwood Canyon- onto Fruita   Ho-hum    
8/28-Arrive Thousand Lakes, Torrey, UT, Capitol Reef NP. After buying Crenshaw melon, and long run on I-70 to 72.    18sep02077.jpg (55002 bytes)18sep02003.jpg (48680 bytes)
8/29- Hiked 4 miles in CRNP, Stopped at U-Pick-Fruit.    18sep02078.jpg (58570 bytes)
8/30 Calmly drove to Bryce Canyon, across razorback with 1000ft drops.
2 hands and lots of body English just to get there.
  1000ftdrop.JPG (49937 bytes)MLS_driving.JPG (25562 bytes)
8/31 3-hour horseback ride into Bryce Canyon, with Swanny and  Hank. MLS on Bunny & JW on Doc (aka Stumble)   Horseback.JPG (33867 bytes)Hoodoos.JPG (43945 bytes)
 9-1 Made it to Zion, two camp sites left, full of Holiday folk. Mary drove in the east entrance, a scenic drive!
JW hurting from a day in the saddle rests, visits ranger talk.
   Img03.jpg (40909 bytes)09030002.jpg (246799 bytes)
 9-2. Back on track, we do the Canyon Overlook, and the Riverside walk trails. The trails stops, but she keeps right on trekking..    Narrows1.JPG (39725 bytes)
 9-3 Out of Zion across AZ and Navajo land to Bluff, Stayed at Bluff RV, and dined at Twin Rocks Cafe    09030011.jpg (230044 bytes) 
 9-4 Then to the back country of the Canyonlands. Found water and campsite.    Pointingway.JPG (17724 bytes)
9-5 A little hiking and sightseeing then on to Moab. MLS found some Steak, guess what's for dinner,  and it's 110 degrees.    MLSoColorado.JPG (36368 bytes)mls-steakdin.JPG (30488 bytes)
 9-6  Met people form Ohio, they have been doing some Jeeping and hiking also lazy day,  did laundry, updated web, and grocery.  And the clever American Indians made these pieces of art.    ingunpic.JPG (46067 bytes)
9-7  Moab Breakfast only $20, to see Arches, MLS climbed up into the double Arch, but the big rain came and put on an amazing display of waterfalls and washes. Dinner at Canyonlands at Night in the rain. Rain check for Canyon Lights boat trip tomorrow night.  dblarch.JPG (43746 bytes)archstrm.JPG (15888 bytes)
9-8  Did some good old trails into canyons, tried for Hey Joe Canyon,  big rock in the road, had to turn around on river path. MLS did some navigating using GPS and  found Bartlett Overlook, super view. Did boat ride at night on the Colorado. springbottom.JPG (43235 bytes)MLS-bartlett.JPG (38607 bytes)
9-9 Stopped in Durango saw train used in " Around the World in 80 Days".  Then on to Pagosa Springs, looked at 35 acre ranch for only 750,000 dollars US. 18sep02058.jpg (62312 bytes)
9-10  Then across the Great Divide, thru the clouds at over 10,000 feet, to the Great Sand Dunes. grtdivide.JPG (46332 bytes)thruclds.JPG (25764 bytes)sandune.JPG (22501 bytes)
9-11 La Junta - Abilene ( end of the Chisholm Trail) with a look at the Santa Fe Trail Center. Past several wonderful beef processing   smelling Steak Houses, 
9-12  On to Marshall IL 18sep02060.jpg (65736 bytes)
 9-13 Then to Newark!     


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