Pack up after Easter, so it's Apr 18.2012 and we begin the chase for the sun
May 28, 2013  is today

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RV trips


4/18/2013 We are off on our last RV trip, how will I ever adjust?  We pound the road to St. Louis, through the rain and clearly lots of flooding. St. Is cold, so we didn't evan hit the casino.  
4/19/13 Heading west, the weather a little better we land about an hour west of Oklahoma City. Pretty much in the middle of everything.  
4/20/13 Still concerned about the long road ahead I push on to Santa Rosa NM, Been here before, think we see a short cut to Las Cruses so we start down SR 56 with the promise of RV parks in Vaughn . Vaughn represents a turn in the road, 2 of the parks are closed and the road again looks very bleak. We find he last RV spot, never saw an attendant, just pushed $20 through the door and headed for Benson, did we stop in Deming for some wine,  
4/21/13 Stopped at the Cochise Terrace, short swim, got Chicken. We are just 35 min. away so called Eileen and she set up appointment for Tue 4/22/13 and 10AM  
4/22/13   We Arrived and camped right in the front,  and got the tour, last night the RV!  
4/23/13  By 10:30 it's a done deal. Park the RV in front and start 6hr ordeal of unloading the RV,  "Holy Crap Batman" no wonder gas mileage is so bad.  
4/30/13 Traded the RV for Cash.