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5/12/04 We're off to the great unknown, plan to see the beginning of the Lewis and Clark reenactment of the Corps of Discovery , Then chase the sun. The day starts with Xtine pretending to have a dead battery, when I hooked up Mary's Jeep to provide a jump, Xtine locked her car with the keys in it and running. Camped at Marshal, IL. I captured dinner. Bat1.jpg (5790 bytes)
5/13/04 Off to Casino Queen on the Mississippi,  nearest to St. Charles. RV park at the Casino.
Day two of cloudy and rain. Well, it took Mary only 20 min to win $100 so we went to dinner.
casino.gif (159176 bytes)
5/14/04 The weather was chilly, rainy and just as it was described 200 years ago, as the Corps of Discovery embarked from Camp River Dubois, IL.  THEY'RE OFF LCthereoff.gif (180322 bytes)
5/15-Sat Visited St. Charles, watched expedition boats land, visited concessions, meeting and dinner at Magpie with ORC members  
5/16-Sun Pounded the road to Tulsa OK  
5/17-Mon Pounded the road to Amarillo, TX, lost hub cap  
5/18-Tue Pounded the road to Santa Fe, NM. Pounding may not be the most descriptive term, since we start about 10 and quit at 5.  
5/19-Wed Bummer JW got a terrible tooth ache and dehydrated, required two days downtime but we are on the mend. Santa Fe has very kind weather.  
5/20-Thur Mary's Birthday, she's 73.  
5/21 -Fri Big day, went 7 miles down the road, to Santa Fe, off to see the sights, Oh look Xtine broke the heater valve, lost all water right in the middle of town, the tricks she has!  Found parts 2 miles down the road.

Loretto Chapel Miraculous Staircase, free standing, as in no supports.

xtineh20.gif (183057 bytes)stairs.gif (445543 bytes)
5/22- Sat Up and at'm, rolled to Bloomfield NM  
5/23 - Sun Hooked -up and started to roll  down the highway, soon horns were blowing and great balls of blue smoke from the rear, what the hell. Expecting the worst I race to the tow-bar, Xtine's brakes are locked on full, and smoking hot.   Seems she had a kink in her cable, pry this & hammer that and she's a happy  "toad" again. So we  moseyed over to the 4 Corners Monument, jewelry and dancing and Navaho Chants, great stuff. Return to RV to find an alarm screaming, now what? Camper batteries are dead, lets see have the Navajo ever heard batteries?  No primitive camping as planned...so it's on to Utah in search of batteries.  Camped at Bluff, UT

5/24-Mon Added Oil and Muffler after a trip through the Valley of the Gods. Lots of Indian legends, the only thing out here is a Bed & Breakfast. Climbed switchbacks and drove to top of the bluff for a great view of Southern Utah. valygods2.gif (288056 bytes)xtineVOG.gif (156354 bytes)
5/25 Tue On to Monument Valley, and the Gouldings Trading Post but didn't wait for a sun rise. Then on to Page, AZ, gas now $2.12. Searched for tour that would raft us under the old Navajo Bridge,  Best offer was a 3 day float, and had to walk out of the Grand Canyon for only $2400. monumentvalley.gif (183487 bytes)
5/26 Wed The Navajo Nation guards Antelope Canyon but we broke down and paid for a tour, worth the time, and onto Tuba City, but not before a stop at NAPA for two new house batteries. antelop1.gif (345253 bytes)
5/27 Thus Grand Canyon and onto Flagstaff grandcan!.gif (236455 bytes)
5/28 Fri Fixed flat bike tire, worked on stop lights for the RV, been working on this for three years, I wired it my way!. Laundry day.  
5/29 Sat Lazy day around Flagstaff.  
5/30-Sun Toured the Sunset crater, not to be confused with a real crater. Also checked out the Wupatki ruins. Gee it's about 100F and Xtine is running hot, imagine that. wupatki.jpg (313990 bytes) 
5/31-Mon Traveled through Sedona, lunch at O??, Moved on to Cottonwood, small AZ town, Stayed Dead Horse Ranch State Park.   Had to try the Denver Scramble at Denny's  
6/1-Tue Worked  on the cooling problem. Soaked up some sun, trying to get the Ohio chill out of my bones. Great view, tire work, haircut, and of course Wal-Mart.  Bought new TV cottonwood.jpg (289712 bytes)
6/2-Wed Cleaned up front of Jeep and RV, rode bike a little....crashed again.  Temp = 108.  Lazy day, tried riding on the trails, waxed parts of Jeep and RV.  Drove off to town with water hose hanging on the car, now need new hose.  Went to movie.  
6/3-Thur No Plans. Moved on to Casa Grande where the Temp hit 122F. Quail Run RV Park, nice place, but empty.....too hot.  
6/4-Fri Oh good, the Temp hit 126F, can this be real ?  Breakfast in the Sun! Right on the hood of the Jeep, saved doing the dishes. fryegg.jpg (170231 bytes)
6/7-Mon Played at the pool.  Did Outlet Mall  
6/9-Wed Played at the pool.  
6/10Thur Survived the heat, very lazy, moved on to Tucson, Ajo Way. The Germans came with a 1000 " El Monte's"
Visited Saguaro National Park, [Sah-Wah-Roe] ,Western Way RV Park
sequarorNP.jpg (216173 bytes)
6/11-Fri Went shopping  
6/12 - Sat Moved to Voyager RV Resort   
6/13-Sun Went to Xavier Mission  
6/18-Fri Visited PIMA Air Museum   
6/20-Sun A 2.3 mile walk in the desert, no clouds, 100+, a little water, tough but stayed off the 6 O'clock news. Catalina State Park. desertwalk.jpg (269688 bytes)
6/21-Mon Wal-Mart for Drugs then onto Movie  
6/22-Tue Moved  to Tombstone Territory. Dinner in Tombstone skysv.jpg (174716 bytes)
6/23-Wed Sierra Vista Mall & Movie.  Lots of talk about the monsoon season, lots of lightning and little storms in the area.  
6/24-Thur Uh Oh, Lazy day at the pool and JW went to town (Sierra Vista) and bought "new" used laptop and stuff.  
6/26-Sat Moved to Patagonia State Park, nice place. Went to Nogales, mistake! A little scary, U-turned and came back.  
6/27-Sun Watched 4 dogs swim across the lake then we went back to Tucson and the Voyager  
6/28-Mon Missed out on Sloppy Joes for lunch,   
6/29-Tue Signed up for another week, pool, nap and shopping.  
6/30-Wed Propane truck came today, good for another month. Grounds keeper gave warning of monsoons, told us how to know when they are coming, evidently it gathers on the mountain tops, SE, E, then the N, Tucson gets surrounded like Custer, then the water flows deep in the street..  
7/3-Sat Went to Beaudry to view the Southwinds, drove the 32V, terrible prices, and they want to dicker, we walked.   
7/4-Sun Picnic! This was a trip, they got there early, filled their trays, and as you eat your cake the tables are packed up, chairs are put against the wall and all are out of there in less than an hour.  No time for chit-chat, but we met Gloria and Bob (McMasters), very nice and showed us around and filled us in on what is going on, and showed us their place in the Cove..  
7/6-Tue Lazy day w/biking and lazing around.  Went to grocery.  
7/7-Wed After months of hard travel Misty finally made it to AZ, just in time for a good old Steak at the Dusty Trails Steak House wagonmisty.jpg (267663 bytes)
7/8-Thur Pool Days  
7/9-Fri She wanted to see the red rocks of Sedona, so we gave her a puzzle. puzzle.jpg (277918 bytes)
7/10-Sat Sabino Canyon offered a place to get out and walk with the mountain lion. Thanks for that warning!  Mexican dinner with mariachi band. walksabino.jpg (304244 bytes)
7/11-Sun Pool and toured model homes in the Bay area at Voyager.  
7/12-Mon Misty back to OH.  Finally got Sloppy Joes for lunch, and the rains came in the form of a light shower, not a monsoon.  
7/13-Tue Too much of a good thing, so we move on.  Its beginning to feel like home, hot and humid. Moved on to Phoenix, McDowell Park.  They said it hadn't rained in 90 days, that night thunder, lighting and rain! I have got to figure something to do with these powers.  
7/14-Wed Went to Fountain Hills for dinner, got stopped for DUI, by a 15yr old cop. Problem is, I haven't been drinking.  Eventually I convince him it was perfectly normal to pull into the left lane, have wife yell NO , so back to the middle, then to the right lane for a turn.  He called this weaving , but sent me on my way.  Now it is very hot and humid. So we are out of here tomorrow.  
7/15-Thur Arrive at Meteor Creator.  This is a very strange enterprise, interesting and well done but no government involvement, all private money. Campground is right on old Rt. 66, which has all been returned to the desert. Huge light shows during dinner, distant lighting.  Then thunder, lighting and rain at night. No need for air conditioner tonight.  First night with no AC since Flagstaff on May 30. creatorJW.jpg (287327 bytes)I dug this hole all by myself in just one day!
7/16-Fri Today we head for Canyon De Chelly (Shay), toured south rim, pretty amazing, deep straight walled canyon which ancient people lived in, some Navajo still do. a-chelly.jpg (253291 bytes)
7/17-Sat Moved on to Mesa Verde, just to camp and climb to the top of the Mesa.  a-mesa.jpg (263869 bytes)
7/18-Sun Moved to Durango-Rain  
7/19-Mon Durango-Rain  
7/20-Tue Moved up rt. 550 to Montrose- Had to climb over Molas Pass amazing !  Found public park, Molas Lake.

Just before dropping in on Silverton.


a-molos.jpg (196975 bytes)
7/21-Wed Went to Black Canyon of Gunnison, then across 50 to Salida- Monarch Pass.  Found Hub cap! for my 2000 tioga.


a-black.jpg (570186 bytes)a-jwmonarch.jpg (492271 bytes)
I'll take the WEST ... You can have the REST!
7/22-Thur Moved to Limon CO-good by to the  West, Hello Heartland, miles of nothing, but unfortunately a strip of storms has laid in all along I-70.  a-jwsnow.jpg (424049 bytes) Did I tell ya I found my own little Glacier!
7/23-Fri Moved to- Salina, KA  Rained all day, rained all night and it's still raining.  Ducks swimming at campsites instead of pond.  
7/24-Sat Off to ? yep more rain!  Columbia MO,  a-kansas.jpg (186470 bytes) This is what we see in Kansas, for 2000 miles.
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