The Summer of 2010 -- Again Chasing the Sun    Return

The snow is over, right? Feb was a grand month, Col OH set snow records, and JW shoveled everyday to keep the driveway half-open, the snow is climbing up the yardstick.
Tue-Apr 5 Dinosaurs, 300 miles to Cave City, Nice Camp ground near Mammoth Cave.
Wed-Apr 6 Rockets and we land in Greenville, AL. Called ahead, man waited as we were caught in Birmingham traffic. Sharling Lake, Greenville, AL-- Yipes, Lost JW's glasses, hunted all night with Flashlight, inside and out. mls hunted inside and out. Next morning still nothing,  a squirrel took them, no doubt!. -- found them! in the sauce pan under the sink.

Are You kidding me?


The Sun draws us to the coast, Gulf Shores, and the sun shines.

Fri-Apr-09 This place will never be Paradise, this is the home land of the No-See-Ums , mostly just a dusk issue.  
Sat-Apr-10 Mosey, that's what I named the park cat that just moseys about looking for a snack  
Sun-Apr-11 Always a surprise, while riding the bike trail, daydreaming left, daydreaming right, wow one large snake 2ft ahead, feet up!  Did that have a diamond pattern on it's back?  
Mon-Apr-12 Always a big crowd, so a wait is part of the experience, MLS, decides on a big dinner at the Original Oyster Bar, now really? the Original? maybe the first on Gulf Shores Highway.

Rode bike 8 miles just for a starters.

The Rally of the Allegro owners is on.


Rode a little, fixed the bike a little, but mostly just a lazy day.  Kick off pot-luck for the Rally.

Thu-Apr-15 It's Wash day!  
Fri-Apr-16 Went to Movies, big mistake!. "Death at a Funeral" should be "Death of a Movie"!  
Sat-Apr-17 A day at the beach!  Lunch at Bahama Bob's and then we join the masses.
Sun-Apr-18 The big boys are leaving,  exodus of the Allegros, looks like an Elephant walk, (wish I could find the music)

. Now we are taking it easy, did you want My Chair?. Mosey keeps us safe from critters.

Mon-Apr-19 Well, the sun was late getting started so it was off to Wendy's, Camping World, and Two Hot Mama's for a bathing suit.  
Wed-Apr-21 Lazy day, just went to Beach and then to the Shrimp Basket for Shrimp Skewers  
Thu-Apr-22 Schedule was to leave today, but with bad weather ahead, and beautiful weather here we checked in for another day. Mosey came over for Breakfast!  Mary went to beach, JW stayed home.
Fri-Apr-23 Enough is enough, can only stand so much perfect weather, so we're off to Bay St. Louis, MS. and the Hollywood Casino, We cross the new I-90 Bridge. We land on the shores of dark skies, wind and rain.  
Sat-Apr-24 Drizzle, drizzle, then a little shopping, Plus checked out the Katrina internment camp, it's all gone. Browsed the Casino then did dinner at Los Tres Amigos and survived the storms.  
Sun-Apr-25 Bored through the wind to cross Louisiana and landed at Beaumont TX. Sunshine and blue skies all the way.  
Mon-Apr-26 Great day so we stayed over!  
Tue-Apr-27 And again with the drizzle in the morning, but then on to get our Nails done, get prescriptions and some groceries.  Talked to the neighbor, he was teaching his son (almost 5) to ride is bike with no training wheels, I ended on a collision course with my bike and bang he fell down, he jumped up and went on. Turns out neighbor worked for his Dad, they were the biggest Crawfish distributers in TX and was heading south to deliver, cook, and serve 10,000 lbs of Crawfish, that's 5 tons.  
Wed-Apr-28 Gorgeous Day, rolled from Beaumont to San Antonio, signed up for a week. Shuttle bus to Sea World, Oh boy!  
Thu-Apr-29 On the trip I was again reminded how huge everything is in Texas.  
Fri-Apr-30 Went to Movie, to see "Losers"  
Sat-May-01 Lots of Pool time, then to the "Outback", big steak  
Sun-May-02 Worked on the bike, working better than ever, but still not right.  
Mon-May-03 Took top off Jeep and went to Wal-Mart., then home to the pool.  
Tue-May-04 Woke to big tow truck, hooking up to couple from CA, lost transmission, ouch. Then a day in San Antonio:  Pictures galore
Wed-May-05 Signed up for another week.  
Thu-May-06 Pool Day  
Fri-May-07 Sunny and hot in Sea World, at $58 a ticket you'd think you could find someone who spoke English! But we hit the hot spots.  Later at night rain drops on the roof caused us to start assembling wench to put our top back on Jeep, but the partying gang across the street would have no part of it, and simply lifted the top in place.
Sun-May-09 Laundry day. Ride  bike.  
Tue-May-11 It's an empty country, miles of nothing, and totally sparse, The hills too steep for the Itasca, so we acquired some Oxen, and carried our stores, but we move on!     Making do, & moving on
Wed-May-12 On the Road Again: Had lunch along the way and arrived in Fort Stockton, met a guy who had left Deming NM, and a couple heading for San Antonio.  
Thu-May-13 Headed, for Balmorhea and  Fort Davis, but we need gas! Stop at a little FINA gas station where the charge is $3.17, no way bud, so I buy a couple of gallons and head toward Balmorhea which I miss. Now the gas is critical again and all the technology we have tells us the next gas is 18 miles. So we limp into a Chevron station where the price is $3.49, I showed that FINA guy who was in charge.  Then on to Davis Mountain State Pk. after a little back tracking.
So I head over to help my neighbor who is trying to setup his DirectTV by aiming it at the Dish Satellite, he is retired army and can't work a compass. Arriving back to my camp, ML says the whole campsite stinks, is that our toilet? I take a whiff, yipes, and shut of the unlit Coleman Grill. That tank is empty, next.
  This Storm  Cloud about to fall down on us.

        This guy Followed us from home
 Boring through Texas Hill country

                Lunch along the way.

Fri-May-14 Las Cruces, NM
Famous for it's wild cats.
Mountain View from campsite.
Wild cat rests up  before attacking
      Serious Mountains
Ready to attack the Chips
Sat-May-15 This Texas Roadrunner watches us move on. Boarder Patrol has taken our pictures 10 times and now they say too many bugs on the windshield.

Landed in Benson, AZ, signed for a week,
 with private pool in the backyard, and a
 playhouse for ML.

Cochise Terrace
Sun-May-16 Big RV partiers just left, and left us this whole place.  Taco Bell for lunch.  
Mon-May-17 Off to Walmart and brought home Subway! Food for another week.  Pool day, met lady with endless stories?
Tue-May-18 Pool day, and tinkering.  Did see some distant clouds.  Windy  
Wed-May-19 What to do?, work on puzzles, more pool time, JW off to town for meds, tools and stuff.  
Thu-May-20 Bright Sunny day, Mary Lou's Birthday!  So we celebrate by getting our nails done, going to a movie "Just Wright" (worst ever) and Dinner at the Golden Corral Buffet, in Serra Vista with Ron and Judy Mayhew---- Great to catch up.! Came home to chocolate covered strawberries from Misty, still frozen in the AZ sun?
Fri-May-21 Temperature reached 95, blue skies, chased down the UPS truck as my bikini top for my Jeep arrived from Misty just in time to protect me from the sun.  
Sat-May-22 Signed up for another 10 days, this site is 256, a favorite for sure  
Sun-May-23 Today can be described as Windy!
Mon-May-24 Found the Schwan's truck, steaks and fish delivered to the door.  
Tue-May-25 Looking for illegals , Get'm up Scout
Wed-May-26 Flat tire on ML's bike, fixed that, rode to town for pop and fix'ns. Hamburger steaks are a thaw'n. Checked for clouds, none!  
Thu-May-27 97F  but it's a dry heat. Beautiful day, Went to Benson's finest, Gracie's Station
Fri-May-28 Well it's party time, so JW gets his hair cut by a local man with one arm, Mr. K, and MLS gets a pedicure and it's off to Tombstone. With stops at Boot-Hill, and lunch at Big Nose Kate's
Border Patrol ready for the midnight dash.
Sun-May-30 Always with the chores.
Mon-May-31 Memorial Day!  So I go looking along the base of the Whetstone Mountains. Riding through the desert one finds little people  nests, so it dawns on me, that they could jump in the Jeep looking for a ride to Phoenix   Can't find a
path to climb?     
Tue-Jun-1 We arrive at the Voyager RV Resort & here we will sit for the next 30 days  
Wed-jun-2 Did a little moving around and ran over the TV cable, pulled it out by the roots, so it was of to Radio Shack.  
Thu-Jun-3 This place has been taken over by ELS Corp, ("encore") and  has been greatly expanded, there are lots of places for sale, but the prices are actually higher than they were is 2007.  
Fri-Jun-4 Went to a move (Good Grief)  Hot Tub.Time Machine??  Just terrible, then did a dinner at Chuy,s  


Sat-Jun-5 Yep! it's 105F   
Sun-Jun-6 Sunny- warm- and Blue skies, will this ever end?  Did another movie, Killers -   Tolerable += convoluted James bond, 47000 shots fired! but cute. We have entered into the Monsoon Season.  
Tue-Jun-15 I strike out to find the Jeep trail that runs along the Catalina Mountains just north of Tucson. Tom Tom (my GPS) got me close but it took my little Garmin to find the trail, An hour into the narrow torturous trail, I stop to gather the view, take some pictures, good grief, I can see the Biosphere!  I remount to find the Jeep won't start!...after several struggling minutes the computer finally gets it going, but its another minute of sputtering and coughing before it regains enough power to idle. The trail lays out in front of me,   and is a little bumpy. Then as I prepare to climb down of a rock all looks well, but I back up a little and get out to take a look, whoa, if I would have gone off the rock,  I would have rolled forward, heels over head. Jeep trying to get up had dug quite a pit at the base of the rock.
Fri-Jun-19 Yet another Movie, The A-Team,  Interesting, Clever, Funny and lots of Boom Booms, well done.  
Thur-Jun-24 Just sucking up the Deep Blue Skies and a  little heat, 110F , Planning more Jeep trips, but there are obstacles other than sharp rocks.
The United States no longer controls many of our Wilderness Areas, National Parks, Monuments, Wildlife Refuges, Gunnery Ranges, Military Reservations, State Lands and provides little or no security to private land owners along our southern border. Because according to U.S. law enforcement drug cartels now control these areas

Maybe Obama and his band of commies could sue the Mexican Drug Cartels to get our land back. 

This land is your land, this land is my land ..........

Sun-Jul-4 Went to potluck, bring dish for 10, Taco Salad was a hit, Sat with the Bobbers, friends of ML from the  pool, Jean, Judy  and Barb. Talked with Jimmy and Paula,  from Oregon. Jimmy fell off his bike and couldn't go home for summer. Today is laundry day. A little home at the Voyager, Tucson, AZ
Fri-Jul-9 Well now this is getting serious, don't mind the heat during the day, 105-110F, but now it doesn't cool of at night. But still Blue Skies, and lots of sun.    How Hot is it?  It's so hot this this little guy fainted !     
Sat-Jul-10 Late in the afternoon the sky gets dark, heavy clouds fill the valley, thunder bounces off the hills, heavy winds bluster all about and then Nothing!  The trick is to put my car top on, and the sun comes out; take the  top off, and the clouds grow fierce.  
Mon-Jul-12 Coffee and Donuts in the Ballroom!  Met Delores, they just moved here. Sold their stuff in a garage sale, made $10,000. What kind of garage sale was that ?  Then off to the Grocery.  
Tue-Jul-13 ML went to have her pedicure, then hit the pool.  
Fri-Jul-16 Well the Oil Well is plugged, and the Arizona skies are Cloudy, yep the AC got the place down to 76, which is simply Cold so I shut it off. As I looked out the window I found that Kitt Peak Observatory is easily visible from from the RV, it's only 46 miles direct sight. Kitt Peak
Observatory   It's The Monsoon Season !  
Mon-JUl-19 The wind caught the awning and broke it, researched the part and only one was in CA and cost $80 and was 10 days away, So off to the ACE hardware and I'll build my own. ML has a project too.  And the air suspension is supposed to have 50 psi, only had 4psi, and the battery is dead!, the Toilet won't shut off, the DC receptacle is broken and it's only Monday. Puzzle #40 

Crafted from iron ore, mud, clay and sweat                        All Better                                                          
Sat-Jul-24 Another week and another movie, SALT, it's a story about Wonder Woman. One evening the skies got dark and the rain broke through the pass, and it rained for "10" minutes, wow water ran down the street and was gone. Each evening it huffs and puffs and rumbles, but put the top on the Jeep and it all clears up and goes away. Some showers during the night have been reported. The venue is still best described as Bright Blue Skies, sunshine and lots of dry heat. Afternoon Clouds   Two minutes before sun set

                       View from RV

Sun-jul-25 You're Fired !
1. With only 15,000 miles and terrible gas mileage since day one I check the air filter just for fun. Not a trace of light can get through, so I'm off to buy a new one. As I search for 20 minutes for the Chevy 485 Super duty, can't find it, I head for the counter ready to tear someone's head off, sweat running off, what kind of store is this anyway, as I enter the line, the heavens open up, the store is filled with light, I hear laughing, it's God............. the word FORD comes booming into my mind. So I retreat and buy an air filter for a Ford 485 Super duty v-10

Did I tell about the Jeep not starting out in the desert, well, it's air filter was worse.!

Fri-Jul-30 Wow, another week went by, and of course not without incident. Just as we are planning to leave I drop an overhead mirror onto my computer,  We hunt Tucson for parts, Geek Squad says will take 4 weeds, Dell wants $390, can get new for $600, found a local guy but would have to order parts, I can do that, so now we wait for parts to be delivered on Aug-3 This is what the screen looks like, I love the tray area.


Thur-Aug-5 So we break camp and head for Phoenix as Picacho beckons. 

We arrive to a warm welcome. 

Again we find the Deserts Edge RV
 park and their pool, meet linesmen

Fri-Aug-6 Met up with Foster at Harold's Steelers Bar in Carefree.  He showed us the area and his abode hidden in the hills of Scottsdale.

Then on to Flagstaff area, were they have
 fresh air, a little rain and cold water.

Sat-Aug-7 Everybody says good-bye from our camp high in the mountains behind Albuquerque, An archeologist's dream area. Cool fresh air.
Alert,  First Gas Check since new Air Filter, Gas mileage UP 18%! now if we could just shut the AC off  104F with humidity. Somebody owes me $1500 dollars!  Somebody swapped air filters before they sold me the RV.
Tue-Aug-10 Florence has 99.97% pure water, made for a drink to go with our Subway, but ya know, it had zero flavor, but it was cool and wet.

And the kids give us a little history
 of Florence.

As we rest in Lazy Days Campground,
 in Montgomery City, Mo.

    We got off the Interstate and struck out across TX, OK, and KS joining up with I-70 @ Kansas City, It was like they built the Highway just for us.  They amount of open land is indescribable. Both Panhandles were empty, as they had set off a neutron bomb, whole towns,- no people.
Fri-Aug-13 Two more stops then on to the old homestead.

Got home before we figured it was Friday the 13th,

Oh Boy, Now I remember what it is I just love about Newark, humidity, clouds, heat, bugs, and the garbage disposal!