Pack up after Easter, so it's Apr 11.2012 and we begin the chase for the sun
August 13, 2012  is today

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RV trips


Had to leave a note for the Postman to stop the mail, tried to watch the mail box on the Phone but missed him. So it was 11:30 before the wheels rolled. At the first stop, Cave City, I had a huge "Microsoft" Virus scare, no internet, seems to be on the server, but the IT guy's wife left him after only 60 days, so no help available.
Rolled on out of Dinasour land and landed in Montgomery AL.
Nice Park, Charity party for the VETS, great people. Rumor is that the Barbeque man is her somewhere?  Concrete man called at 8AM(sidewalk at home), had to have money, bad luck bud. Spent the Night, they wee preparing for a Motor Cycle rally weekend.
Friday the 13, good day to hit the road, so gas buddy helped save some $$, and we rolled into the Island Retreat, at Gulf Shores, after a stop at Camping World.  
Then is off to the Shrimp Basket, and shopping to replace the beach chair we left hanging in the garage.  
Went backup road for 20miles to go to Strawberry festival, big shindig, Strawberry was the order of the day. MLS operated some farm machinery, a corn shelling machine, later milled corn to make grits, which are later boiled to make them eatable.    
Added black water tank wind extractor, Went to beach got sunburn on my head, got chills for 12 hrs, you'd think one could learn.
Ten days of beach trips, the pool, bike riding, pier , Orange Beach, local restaurants, and of course Bahamas Bob's.

Chit Chats with Sam and Wesley.

Catch of the Day

The Beach Patrol

Enough is enough, the bike has had too many wrecks, so it's off to the store to get a new one, a Mongoose Mountain Bike, set the old one by the fence and now it's gone, with my brand new chain, and good riddance. Full suspension
 with handlebar ends
Decided to stay 3 more days, good weather and not ready to say goodbye to the beach.  Found a Blue Heron hiding along the bike path.
Went to Jake's Seafood, right on the beach, MlS ordered "RIBS".
28 Apr
I was a major player in the 28th Annual Interstate Mullet Toss & Gulf Coast's Greatest Beach Party, as I had responsibility of watching competitors boats as they went for a hotdog after a hard day of mullet catching!
End of the month, and the end of the campsite as we move on to places unknown. Through the Cracker Barrel through Mobile and land at VRv park, in Vinton western LA.
Nothing in Vinton so filler-up and we roll and filler-up again just to land in San Antonio  
Groceries and the pool, filled the day  
Too late to start after the laundry, so another pool day  
Out on the road, US 90 to Marathon TX, Crossed the high cliffs of the Pecos and through Judge Roy Bean's homeland to Marathon Hotel/RV where a wedding was planned but few showed up. It was very picturesque, I was anxious to steal some pictures, there was lots for activity from the mothers, and the best man, finally the bride showed, oh my, I put my camera away, she was a floozie.


Rolled on through Van Horn and set up camp in Deming NM, a case of wine is in order as we head for the final destination.  
2:45 arrive at the Voyager Rv Resort  8701 S. Kolb, Tucson, 85756 , 40-112 is the spot  
Setting up house for extended stay, everything in it's proper place!
Saturday night we were invited to a salmon dinner by our neighbors from Canada, Dave and Terry.

Mother's day!, so it's off to the Ihop, a large meteorite passed over the RV as well as a satellite, and Misty's Flowers arrived.  It was a great day at 104F.

Washed and waxed part of the RV, washed Jeep and the UPS man brought this wonderful looking cake, but she won't share.
It's Happy Birthday Time, MLS makes it to 71, Clint Eastwood is Inspector 71 in the movie Dirty Harry ('71).  Who knew, and then it's off to the         Vail Steak House Cafe & Diner for a big Stake. Replacement
Wow, time flies when your having fun, We did the pot luck dinner for Memorial Day, Mary goes to the office everyday,( aka.The Pool). Made a trip to the theater to see Men in Black3, Yep was pretty much the same, but has a twist with a young Tommy Lee,  I broke down and got a tricky little ladder so I could continue to clean and wax the RV. Limited to about 60sft per day, or less.  A huge New Mexico fire just north of Deming, covering 370 square miles, has poured smoke in to the Tucson Valley for 3 days, seems to be clearing out now though.  Yellow Jeep looks ready for new adventures...  
Well the sun came up and it was a week later, finished the polishing. A little adventure when I noticed that the water would not come on, I went outside to investigate who shut the water off, and noticed that my hose had burst and was flooding the area and the street.  It took about a minute to  replace the hose and I then noticed the small lake was nearly gone, hot humid and dry. I lost a hinge pin on the Jeep top, called mfg. to get a part, about the size of a half of a thumb, they said the top was under warranty and would replace the whole top, no, no, I'll fix it.  Signed up for another month. highlights for the week include, grocery shopping, haircut, and dinner at Chuy's and the too frequent flat tire on my bike.   
Another week has blown by, Yet another flat tire on the bike, I am now up to 4 flats,  standard stuff this week- pool, grocery, movie "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel ", and a few dinners. MLS went to a birthday party with her pool buddies.! Highlights for the week was getting BestTop to send a free replacement Release pin, and Getting Coastal Industries to send a free bracket for the shower door and getting PayPal to return $20 from some British scam. And a trip to Kohl's allowed MLS to find a exact replacement for her watch, that she lost in San Antoio,  and with several major discounts got a favorable deal. Should have gone to the Casino!  it's been a good week!  
Met the man who founded a company called Sens-O-Lock of America. This is evidently a company leasing breathalyzers for auto ignition systems. Great story, he's  ex-paramedic, found company in Boardman who manufactures the instrument, he sells,($2000), maintains them $, and performs automatic & required calibration$$.  The traffic court judge demands its use for DWI convictions and gives them a list of potential providers.  Now he has a 40ft RV just traveling the country, but he wants a 44 footer.  Lordy lordy.  

Wow, almost another two weeks have gone buy, I hope there is no test about what we have been doing, pool, grocery shopping, diners, and miscellaneous projects. Made plans to visit Ron and Judy July 5. Some little storms have threatened the evenings, but hardly a drop.
Jeep hiding at Norms place as evening comes and goes.

Bang! MLS broke-it, now we are out of business, we are down, can't do a thing, yep she broke the Microwave door latch, had to make an emergency call to the repair man, he's rushing the part to my site, after convincing me that it was the problem.  He's even sending the instructions. Small storm rolled through, shook the RV but no rain..  
The supreme court is no longer useful or needed, it decided we are too dumb to exist, so it crafted changes to Obama Care then via contorted logic decided you can be a taxed for doing noting.   The dumbed down twits of today are clueless to it all, maybe someday someone will read to the twits about ancient America.  See the American publicly educated sheep?,   Here's a free tip, Read ;
  1. it's free! and it's in audio format so you can keep sitting around waiting for your next edict.

 It will tell you what is next for you.

Social Security is broke, Amtrak is broke, the Post Office is Broke, Medicare is broke, and Medicaid is broke, I'm sure Obama care will work out just fine if you just obediently listen to the lies.

What a week, chased down my Jeep parts order, it's on the way now, we'll have to wait and  see. MLS broke the Microwave, ordered parts from, Kelly McDavitt, Half Time Oven, 801 Oyster Lane, Lantana FL 33462, parts have arrived and installed. Awning is coming apart, so men from are coming to install a new one, ChaChing$!  
Another week has blown by, but the world is temporarily right side up, the parts for Jeep came and the new awning is installed, and signed up till the 29th of July. Nothing is broken so we went to a movie with a rating of 94 tomatoes, Moonrise Kingdom absolutely stupid, stupid, Willis and Murray should be ashamed.  Looking around the country this area is one of the coolest, go figure.  So I washed the Jeep to create a bright spot.
Went to see Ron and Judy, Chickened out and put the side curtains on as we approached the Sierra Vista, but no rain to speak of. Judy whipped up a supper dinner, and Ron showed us what he has been up to, lots of hobbies and collections, most impressive and fun to look at, one new addition,  a Bison head hanging on the wall always has one eye on ya as you review other collections. Amazing!
The big event for the day was a "Lunch Group" gathering at Mimi's, we took Debbie with us and met Lynn,   Both delightful Voyager residents. Joan Williams was their, she explained that Walgreens gave her a new fan that I had tried to fix.  
Wake up at 6:00am to loud screeches  from  the Air Conditioner, the next thing was that it was not running, so grab the tool and head for the roof, remove 60 screws, the fan won't turn, add oil still won't turn so I return to make some calls, Maggie at La Mesa can get a motor by tomorrow. Have you ever sat in an RV in AZ sun with no AC. So I grab more tools and return to the roof, where I am attacked by a evil flying thing the size of a bird, as I run about on the roof, dancing over sky lights, I stop and connect with a vicious backhand!, it's gone. I remove more screws and give it a few squirts of WD40, and magic it spins. Great now how long will it last? Replace or not?

Coleman Part # 1468-3069,
FASCO# 7855MVA-A11U (8333 series)

The new motor is stored in the basement, the next week is will require preparations for the trip back east. The weather brings a small shower nearly everyday,  
Over the weekend Bob and Sue had us over for a  dinner, and it was pointed out that relaxing around the pool can be thrilling in unexpected ways. We tried our luck at the Casino, again - No Luck!
Neighbors for 2 weeks checked out, kid worked for hours while dad watched, Couldn't take it, had to go help, taking my crowbar to help pull stakes out of his dish mount.  Dad finally came over and thanked me for helping the kid out, actually a nice guy, they are a full time family crisscrossing the country, kids are 16 and being home schooled. Every day they went somewhere with books and brought books home. Need more time to dig.  
Today we start our push east, through the sweltering heat in Texas, all good-byes are said. The sun rises early in Tucson as it peeks over the Catalina's. And it sets on the camp site in the Van Horn KOA
Push on down the road to Junction TX, just 2 hrs short of San Antonio.  But not without running the desert on empty, bought 2$ WORTH  of gas at Kent, just enough to get to Balmorhea, TX. where they refused my Second $100 worth of gas on my card.
Waking up in Texas, No ugly ducklings here, as we visit the boys with their Pic'm up trucks at the Sonic. Yipes, got the word that  Jon & Misty just got a new Camper, Forest River Model 27RLSS
Again, This RV park wants $5/day for Internet access, NAY, NAY, I used my PdNet app and tethered  my computer to the Net them used my Connectifi to link other computers, and devices. San Antonio both 3G and 4G work well. (1.6M down) and (5.44M down) respectively.  
A hard day of driving put us right in the middle of the great Louisiana swamp just west of Baton rouge, critters and swamp folk.  MLS drove and recorded a record 6.7mpg, & $.50/mile, and we all know she don't poke along. Deep in the swamp, a 1/2 bar flickering on the phone, Sprint 3G provides the Internet for both computers. Aerial View of Atchafalaya Swamp
Freeway outside of Baton Rouge
Drove to Pensacola, a little rain but only here, none over at Destin, but we found a good old Wal-Mart. an stalked up.  
Evan and company arrived, and we started a weeks worth of fun on the beach and pool, all carefully scheduled between the reliable 60% showers.  Evan learned to ride the wave's, with daddy launching his board. Background operations on phones, Ipads, and Printers resulted in confirmation that Misty and Jon had sold their house. Lots of exercise as Evan zoomed around Topsail Hill State Park on his two wheeler.
WE broke camp as Misty headed out of the rain, 9 hrs. to Bowling Green,  while JW & ML made it 6hrs to Cullman, AL. then 7 hrs. to Walton KY.(I-75&I-71)  All toll it's 14hrs of straight driving.  
 then 7 hrs. to Walton KY.(I-75&I-71)  All toll it's 14hrs of straight driving. Camped at Oak Creek, cute place and busy.