Our Little Hut in the Arizona Sun



Living Quarters



Covered and Screened Porch  and  Patio


The Utility Room;  Wash, Office, and Sleep


And the Desert Garden










Improvements made in  2013 -

  Aloe Vera Plant set in the

morning sun, to protect us all.

Gas grill gets hotter than hell,

cooks at 375 F

Culligan Man came to give us

soft water,  $70/Mo

Hi Gain Wi Fi antenna  saves the

phone bill. Receives from RV area

Hinged storage doors, greatest

invention ever.

New carpet on the back steps, old was badly worn.  But didn't survive the AZ sun, so repeated i
DirecTV antenna 51 degrees elevation

and 151 degrees azimuth, all  parts collected from the Dumpster at different times.

Steelers Gnome to protect us from the Green Bay Packer fans.


 Motel  6 1/2 (The Office) Offers  King Size Bed,  Free WiFi,  TV, Private AC, Washer & Dryer, Network Pinter, and Wake up alarm and more!


 New drain line for pluming, with access door.


Cute but doesn't work.

The Final Touch; A safe walk past the Jumping Cholla


A quick access to rid the kitchen of  trash and place in a bin under the sink, added hinges to panels
Improvements made in  2015  
A double Leak in Irrigation System

One under the A/C Slab.

Had to fix twice?

Built custom platform bed, Coleman air mattress. (with casters)
Need a rack for the leaky hose.


'19 Repair rear steps.- Again





Floor Plan