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La Mesa


Mary Lou dropped the paint Brushes and headed to FL,
 Misty to Meet us in Tampa for a little R&R

Wed    10-7 Day one , all the way to Columbus, waited for the right Tow truck for 4 hours. Columbus does not have a truck big enough for the job 
Thur    10-8 Waiting for a fix for a broken axel back at Hebron  
Fri       10-9 Waiting - The guys  work till midnight,  on their own time,  how do you say thanks ?  BIG TIP !
Sat     10-10 We are off, made it to Columbia, SC  
Sun     10-11 Then to Jacksonville, After a sparkplug wire repair. sparkplugs.gif (111311 bytes)
Mon   10-12 Then finally to Tampa. and my kind of beach, state park. mybeach.gif (131636 bytes)
Tue     10-13 The Campsite has a Chicken for a pet !,   petchicken.gif (260201 bytes)
Wed    10-14 Misty Flies down, and MLS buys    The Chair!  
Thur    10-15    
Fri     10-16 Then a few days at their beach theirbeach.gif (122679 bytes)
Sat     10-17 The dinner ship gives rise to big ideas for din din ship.gif (86238 bytes)
Sun   10-18 Misty flies home, and we are off ;  Back to Jacksonville  
Mon  10-19 Stop at Boonville near Winston Salem to visit Mary, All is well and she has done wonders with the house.  
Tue   10-20 Push on home  
Wed    10-21 Mary and Misty go to Pgh for Women's day with the Steelers  
Thur     10-22 The sky get gray and cold and it is time to settle in for the winter.