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45th REUNION - "The Place Off the Square" - August 21, 2004

The 45th Reunion is over........great time!  If you weren't there, you really missed out!


170 attended the 45th Reunion Dinner Dance. 

Dave Sperry, ?, Danny Davis
?, Danny Davis, Jack Fulton
  Ed Bailey, Sue Landefeld Bailey
Carolyn Lonzo Ross
Warren Dickover, Roberta Charlton Dickover
Judy Fulton, Jack Shumaker, Barb Shumaker
Sandy Morrison Baldwin, Bob Baldwin, Diana Jacobs Myers
Sandy Morrison Baldwin, Connie Phillips Orr, Jack Shumaker
Bob Kern, Diana Kern Umansky, Joe Umansky 
Jon Kreider, Stan Gibson, Bob Kern
Donna Lusk Stasel, Pat Stasel Don Lusk, Frances Gaskella Lusk, Donna Lusk Stasel, Pat Stasel
  Bob Kern, Diana Kern Umansky, Joe Umansky 
Julia Mercer McCullough, Dick Dudgeon, Diana Jacobs Myers
Joe Umansky, Diana Kern Umansky, Bob Kern
Garry McLaughlin and our Hostess Dick and Gail Wolever
Willa Oliver, Sandy Birkey Erick, Julia Mercer McCullough
Stan Gibson
Jack Wiley, Sue Fortney Wiley
Tom Heisey, Sonya Clark Mitchell
Doug Brookhart, Mary Alice Smith Btookhart, Marcella Amspaugh, Background: Sally Shields
Joellen Klein Scott, Dick Dudgeon
Judy Moorman Phillips, Cookie Thropp Atkins, Homer Hill, Joellen Scott, Dee Hannum Hill
Judy Moorman Phillips, Cookie Thropp Atkins, Homer Hill, Joellen Scott, Dee Hannum Hill
DJ Adam Dudgeon and good old Dad Dick Dudgeon
Electric Slide Marcella Amspaugh, Buzz Wetzel, Diana Jacobs Myers, Sandy Morrison Baldwin, Karen Wallace, Sandy Scaffide Harlow
Dixie Hannahs Young, Tom Wortman  Background:  Linda Slay Green, Bob Sheets
Judy Gard Radosevic, Bob Asbell, Background, Donna Lusk Stasel, Sandy Morrison Baldwin, Tom Wortman
Sandy Birkey Erick, Bob Sheets            Background:  Julia Mercer McCullough, Linda Slay Green, Dennis Wolfe
Garry McLaughlin
Judy Gard Radsevic, Carol Chase Davis, Janet Baker Whitlatch, Cynthis Dowling Abell, Earl Whitlatch, Bob Asbell, Richard Radosevic
Danny Davis, Mary Phares Peyton Background: Susan Null Wolfe, Dennis Wolfe
Dixie Hannahs Young, and daughter Kelly Graham Ann Feaster Wagers, JD Graham, Cookie Thropp Atkins
Mary Lou Piper Scott, Dixie Hannahs Young, Sandy Scaffide Harlow, Warren Dickover
Sandy Scaffide Harlow, Garry McLaughlin
Sue Harris, Ed Erick, Sandy Birkey Erick
Gene Swartz, Ann Feaster Wagers, Don Harris
Catherine Hess Rhodes, Sandy Birkey Erick, Jim Shriner, Judy Moorman Phillips, Dick Wallace, Karen Wallace
Cookie Thropp Atkins, Dick Dudgeon
Julie Ketner Barrett, Danny Davis, Bob Kern
DeDe Dudgeon, Carol Fox Koehler
Ed Bailey, Frank Lewis, Sue Landefeld Bailey Vicki Keck Goldsmith, Diana Kern Umansky
Sally Shields, Danny Davis
John Bibart, Jim Shriner, Marsha Bibart, Jane Shriner, Gene Swartz, Leilani Keanini
Judy Moorman Phillips, Cookie Thropp Atkins, Homer Hill, Joellen Scott, Dee Hannum Hill
Vicky Fitzsimmons Lucey, Dixie HannahsYoung, Kelly Graham, Ann Feaster Wagers
Janet Stauffer Marquis, Cookie Thropp Atkins, Connie Phillips Orr, Julia Mercer McCullough, Sandy Morrison Baldwin
Judy Gard Radosevic, Dixie Hannahs Young, Dick Dudgeon, Danny Davis, Sally Shields, Janet Baker Whitlatch, Roger Metcalf
Tom Wortman, Julia Mercer McCullough
Maholm Elementary- Suzanne Blamer Lehnhardt, Linda Slay Green, Jean Keylor Wetzel, Diana Kern Umansky, Julie Ketner Barrett, Mary Lou Piper Scott, Carol Chase Davis, Janet Baker Whitlatch, Stanley Gibson, Bob Kern, Gerald Boring, Frank Lewis, Garry McLaughlin, Judy Gard  Radosevic

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   August 20, 2004



Friday night, approximately
170 classmates attended the Mixer

Janet Winland Williams, Jack Shumaker, Diana Kern Umansky, Judy Fulton Jerry Loughman, Connie Miller Loughman
Janet Stauffer Marquis, Cookie Thropp Atkins, Dr. Bernard Nye
Jerry Nethers, Stan Gibson, Bob Kern Hallway: John Bibart
Gary Scott, Jon Kreider, Don Harris Pee Wee Bowers, Nancy Sturm Bowers, Ronnie McCullough, Jerry McCullough, Bob Paublos Background: Judy Humes Walp, Jayne Steiner Brobek, Connie Phillips Orr, Mary Lou Piper Scott
Willa Oliver, Diana Kern Umansky Dick Dudgeon, Don Fee
Carolyn Lonzo Ross, Diana Douglas Tomlinson, ???, Doug Brookhart      Background:     June Beggs Nethers, Mary Alice Smith Brookhart
Diana Kern Umansky, Judy Humes Walp
Marilyn Cameron Sauerbrun, Joyce Farmer Harris, Roberta Charlton Dickover, Carolyn Lonzo Ross Don Harris, Linda Slay Green, Donna Dickover Parker Background:  Don Lusk, Eleanor Hilleary Robbins, Charles Robbins
Larry Connell, Frank Lewis, Scott Marzano Connie Phillips Orr, Diana Kern Umansky Background:  Sue Landefeld Bailey, Joellen Scott, Gary Scott
Bill Harris,  Gene Swartz, Leilani Keanini, Background: Susie Null Wolfe, Dennis Wolfe, ???, Jack Shoultz Carol Chase Davis, Diana Kern Umansky, Janet Baker Whitlatch, Susan Null Wolfe, Dennis Wolfe
Sandy Morrison Baldwin, Bob Baldwin, Connie Phillips Orr, Bob Orr, Diana Jacobs Myers
Judy Fulton, Jack Fulton, Bob Kern
Jerry Loughman, Connie Miller Loughman, Lynda Holtsberry Dotson, Ann Feaster
Jayne Steiner Brobeck, Diana Myers Umansky, Stan Gibson
Garry McLaughlin, Scott Marzano, Roger Metcalf Judy Fulton, Dixie Hannahs Young, Bob Kern
LINCOLN JUNIOR HIGH - CENTRAL JUNIOR HIGH            Willa Oliver, Mary Ann Monroe Draa,Sherry Salyers Sherman, Vicky Fitzsimmons Lucey, Sandy Scaffide Harlow, Diana Jacobs Myers, Sally Shields

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    August 19, 2004

Thursday  night, approximately
50 classmates visited Tony's

Roger Metcalf, Janet Stauffer Marquis, Jim Leslie  Background: Dick Atkins Gary Scott, Tom Heisey
Garry McLaughlin, Scott Marzano Dick Dudgeon, Cookie Thropp Atkins
Joellen Scott, Sally Shields, Cookie Thropp Atkins, Roger Metcalf, Dick Dudgeon, Dick Atkins  

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